The album's sound is rooted in the variety of Brazilian Music and covers a musical range from Bossa, Samba and Afro Brasil, conjured up with a taste of the golden age of the 60s. The sound repertoire is dedicated to the great composers of this time, such as A.C. Jobim, Lalo Schifrin, Getz/Gilberto and Nelson Riddle.


The acoustic debut album available on 12" Double Vinyl, CD & digital on Verve Records

The Band

Wilson SimoninhaRosalia De SouzaJenny ChiYta Moreno

Gerald Schuller (A) Piano, RhodesFagner Wesley (BRA) Piano, ChoirRainer Gutternigg (A) HornsLuis Ribeiro (BRA) Percussion, ChoirGerald Preinfalk (A) ClarinetJunior Galante (BRA) FlugelhornThomas Mandel (A) SaxManfred Franzmeier (A) SaxMartin Arnold (D) Sax, FluteRainer Gutternigg (A) Horns, StringsPatrick Zambonin (CH) BassStefan Fallmann (A) BassPeter Strutzenberger (A) ContrabassHarri Stojka (A) GuitarYta Moreno (BRA) Guitar, ChoirGerald Tomez (A) GuitarKaren O’Callaghan (UK) Cabin Voice

Album Review

by Samir H. Köck

„…Pilots On Dope accommodate the anticipated euphoria with a superb album. The artists hidden behind this pretty nom de plume are two well-known musical activists. On their album, consisting of exquisite new recordings of cover versions, the two Viennese Gerhard Gigler (DJ Bunani) and Gerald Tomez act as couturiers of the most elegant arrangements. They even dared to include such jewels as Jorge Bens „La Vem Salgueiro“, Wilson Das Neves „Que È Isso Menina“, and even Henry Mancinis „Melhor Esta Noite“. Influenced by library sounds, classic bossa nova, and cool jazz, the two artists design arcs of suspense the likes of which haven’t been heard in a long time. The vocalists in this project, including the versatile Wilson Simoninha, the charming Rosalia de Souza and the ambitious Jenny Chi, emanate a rare soulfulness. The Brazil invoked before the listener’s inner eye is one of the Kodakchrome colours we know and love from old Pink Panther and James Bond films.

The fact that this formidable debut bears the name „Udopeia“ is extraordinarily charming. The utopia the Pilots On Dope seek can be found partially in a past, the promises of which still appear alluring. With the help of flamboyant instrumentalists in the class of a Harri Stojka and Geri Schuller, Gigler and Tomez created their very own placeless place, an idyll of thoughts and emotions, which does not allow itself to be contaminated by the wretched, currently rampant efficiency delusion. You can positively see Malandro, this fatalistic drifter figure glorified as a hero by the bossa movement, wandering with all due equanimity through all the scenery of longing and exuberance, melancholy, and plain joy of life proffered here. The battle for a more beautiful, serener world – has been taken up courageously by the Pilots on Dope with this fine song collection. Let’s give them a place to land in our heads and hearts!“