The Stage Premiere

The live project of „Pilots On Dope“ started in 2015 and appeared the very first time on stage. In legendary Viennese „Musikverein“, worldwide known for its exorbitant classical concerts, the premiere took place on May 5th. Two days later the second appearance happened in "Posthof Linz", this time with slightly modified list of musicians. This performance was recorded by six cameras - under our section ‘live video’ you’ll find an assembled cut of the highlights from seven songs of the show, and three separate videos of another songs.

The Band

The band consists of band leader Geri Schuller, who created an intense tonality and fine eye for details in his live arrangements. Teamed up with a collective of experienced musicians, including exciting guitar player Emiliano Sampaio, innovative sax & flute player Martin Arnold, accompanied by Rainer Gutternigg on horns, virtuosic Luis Ribeiro & Nelson Williams on several percussions, tricky Joris Dudli on drums and last not least the both talented Peter Strutzenberger & Christoph Petschina on bass among other great musicians. The vocal section are lined-up by the brazilian crooner Wilson Simoninha, who’s performing with easiness and gifted Rosalia de Souza with her charming performance.

Rosalia de Souza


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Rosalia de Souza has gained international recognition with her interpretations of contemporary Bossa Nova, the so-called NuBossa. Her collaboration, especially with Italian producer Nicola Conte and their both albums ‚Garota Moderna‘ and ‚Garota Diferente‘, as well as artists like  Povo, Trüby Trio, Buscemi and ZeroDB, have played an important role in the development of the NuJazz genre. Collaborations with famous Brazilian musicians, such as Marcos Valle, Toco and ‚Bossanova Maestro‘ Roberto Menescal contributed to her career, as well as reaching classic Jazz audiences.

Wilson Simoninha


Musician, artist, composer and producer – Wilson Simoninha has always been accompanied by music. The son of the iconic Wilson Simonal released five CDs and two DVDs as an Solo artist and various releases of side projects. For about two decades Simoninha has worked for selected Brazilian artists and festivals, such as the Free Jazz Festival, Hollywood Rock and Soul of Brazil. During this time period, Simoninha has produced numerous artists.

Simoninha is generally perceived as one of the greatest living voices of MPB (Música Popular Brasileira). His latest album ‚Alta Fidelidade‘ (High Fidelity) reflects all his drive and energy that he shows on stage. Simoninha is also known in Europe, having toured several countries like Germany, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, France and Italy.

Gerri Schuller

Piano, Keys

The musician, arranger and composer Gerald Schuller is living in Vienna. In 1993 he founded the ‘The Rounder Girls’, a female vocal formation, with whom he produced a total of eight albums between 1996 and 2012. The piano virtuoso accompanied artists like Harri Stojka, Karl Ratzer and Kurt Ostbahn, as well as others.

In his position as a Senior Lecturer for composition and arrangement at the ‘Jazz and Pop at the Institute of Popular Music’ of the University of Vienna, he was mentoring local emerging talents.

For Pilots on Dope he has been an irreplaceable contributer since the early days. He is not just the mastermind behind live arrangements, but also a bandleader with charismatic appearance on stage and calming influence behind stage.

Martin Arnold


Martin Arnold is a Viennese-by-choice with Cologne roots. He graduated from Graz University and currently teaches saxophone and flute at the Music School Herzogenburg. His musical creativity focuses on the arrangement and production of film scores. As such he wrote more than 150 TV Show-arrangements for local networks ORF and ServusTV under the pseudonym ‘Sonic Interiors’. Next to Geri Schuller he was resposible for the live arrangemenrs of PIlots on Dope.

Peter Strutzenberger

Bass, Double Bass

Peter Strutzenberger was born in Vienna and studied Jazz Bass and filmscore at widely noticed Schubert Conservatory and the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. During the last decades, he aquired a reputation as a versatile musician with an comprehensive repertoire – ranging from archaic to contemporary Jazz, Blues and Classical Music. He appeared in concerts and studio recordings for artists such as Harri Stojka, Axel Zwingenberger, Sandra Pires, Karl Ratzer, the Wiener Tschuschenkapelle, Dana Gillespie, Howard Alden, Red Holloway, Big Jay McNeely, Larry Garner and many more. He performances at festivals such as the Jazz Festival Montreux to New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Jazz à Vienne as well as the Vienna Jazz Festival.

Rainer Gutternig


Rainer Gutternigg studied viola and trumpet at reknown Anton Bruckner Private University for Music, Drama, and Dance in Linz. Next to numerous studio recordings and live performances with artists like Texta, Parov Stelar and Franz Welser-Möst, he is a permanent member of the legendary band formation Russkaja since 2011. On the album ‚Udopeia‘ from Pilots on Dope, he arranged sets for strings and horns.

Emiliano Sampaio


Emiliano Sampaio studied Popular Music in his hometown Sao Paolo, before moving to Graz to complete his Jazz studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts. The guitarist and trombonist released his award-winning debut album 2013 in Europe. The multi-talented conductor, arranger and composer, has collaborated with renown artists like the HR Frankfurt Radio Big Band, the Regensburg University Jazz Orchestra, Badi Assad, Dominguinhos, the Trombone Quartet of Campinas, Rebecca Sharp and Golden Ground. His, in 2014 released „Mereneu Project“ made headlines. Since then the project is successfully touring across Europe and Brazil.

Joris Dudli


Joris Dudli had already been a well respected Austro-Pop artist before moving on, working with artists such as the Art Farmer Quintet, the Vienna Art Orchestra. He then moved to New York where he established himself as an eclectic musician. On stage he joined many international artists like Benny Golson, Chico Freeman, Johnny Griffin, Joe Henderson and the Joe Zawinul Syndicate. Even outside his Jazz formation ‘Earth Jazz’ he made himself a name as a composer.

Luis Ribeiro


Luis Ribeiro is one of the most sought-after and gifted multi-percussionist in Austria with impressive skills on a wide range of instruments. Born in Sao Paolo, he traveled and worked all around the world with artists such as Ricky Martin, Gloria Gaynor, Erwin Schrott, Martin Grubinger, the Vienna Symphony, Rainhard Fendrich, Bill Evans, Miroslav Vitous, Randy Brecker, The Vienna Art Orchestra, Count Basic, Dobrek Bistro, Alegre Correa, Wolfgang Puschnig and many more.

Klemens Mayrhofer

Sound Engineering