The Pilots

Pilots on Dope is a collaboration of Viennese DJs and producers Gerhard Gigler and Gerald Tomez. The two fellows shared their musical tastes for a long time, sharing decks together in various clubs and countless couch sessions, before teaming up. The Pilot’s aesthetics is deeply influenced by the great composers and arrangers from the 50s to 70s. The styles range from Jazz, Brazil to Orchestral Library Sounds. More over, they appeal to contemporary approaches and sound concepts. The emerging fusion marks the style of Pilots on Dope, an interpretation of classical brazilian repertoire in contemporary arrangements.

Gerhard Gigler

Out of a passion for Jazz developed an evergrowing interest for R’n’B, Soul, Funk, Latin and Bossa Nova. An actual music carrier started in 1982 as a Reggae DJ, later stepping into Soul and Funk with a touch of Latin, Boogaloo, Afro and Brasil.

Parallel to his exceptional retro repertoire , he has gained recognition for his electronic selection, reflected by several international appearances as DJ Bunani. Between 2003 and 2007 he released the retro compilation series „Recovered“ and „Soul On Fire“ on SonyBMG. His comprehensive brasil and bossa vinyl collection may contain one of the finest Henry Mancini selections available today.

Gerald Tomez

Gerald began to pursue his passion in the early age of six, with a classical guitar education and a huge collection of taped late 60s guitar rock, soul and R&B from his father, soon moving on to Jazz, Latin and Brasil of the early 50s to mid 70s.

From the mid 90s he was performing electronic sets at various local and international clubs as part of the ‚Vienna Scientists‘ collective. In 1999 Gerald produced the soundtrack for his New York Fashion Show, together with ‚Freedom Satellite‘, a group he later joined as guitarist on various following releases throughout the next years. In 2003 Wolfgang Linhart and Gerald formed ‚Boogiewood‘, an electronic cross-over project released on Vienna Scientists Records.


Udopeia - The Remixes


Pilots On Dope & Rosalia de Souza ‎– Melhor Esta Noite